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Dog Licenses
All dogs over the age of 6 months are required by state law (20 V.S.A. § 3581) to be licensed before April 1 of each year.  To license a dog, you must have a current rabies certificate.

Dog License Fees:

  • $9 spayed/neutered ($11 after April 1)
  • $13 unspayed/unneutered ($17 after April 1)

We accept payment by cash (in-person only) or check/money order via mail or in-person.  We DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. 
Please contact the Clerk's office with any questions at 802-295-2785 or by email at or

Marriage Licenses

A Vermont Marriage License may be obtained from any Vermont Town Clerk.  The marriage license may be used on the day it is purchased, and then it is good for 60 days. WE REQUIRE BOTH INDIVIDUALS TO BE PRESENT WHEN APPLYING FOR THE LICENSE.

Both individuals must know their mother's maiden names and the state where each parent was born. If there was a previous marriage/civil union for either individual, they must know the month and year that the previous marriage/civil union ended. If it was within the last 12 months, they must provide documentation of the final date. There are no blood tests required in Vermont. 

Marriage License Fee is $60 (Effective July 1, 2023 the fee will be $80). We accept Cash, Money Order or LOCAL Checks ONLY. We DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.

Functions of the Town Clerk's Office

Vermont State Statutes set the duties and responsibilities of the Town Clerk's office. The Town Clerk's office is responsible for:

  • Issuing dog licenses
  • Ordering ballots
  • Overseeing elections and counting votes
  • Receiving petitions and verifying legal voters
  • Receiving requests for absentee ballots and sending absentee ballots
  • Recording and maintaining all:
    • Deeds
    • Mortgages
    • Permits
    • Vital records
  • Temporary motor vehicle renewals
  • Updating and maintaining the voter checklist


  • Discharges
  • Easement deeds
  • Mobile home bills of sale
  • Mortgage deeds
  • Partial releases
  • Property transfer tax returns
  • Quitclaim deeds
  • Tax collector reports of sales
  • Warranty deeds

Vital Statistics

  • Birth Certificates, 1857 - to date
  • Death Certificates, 1857 - to date
  • Marriage Certificates, 1857 - to date

Motor Vehicle Registration

The Town Clerk's Office provides temporary motor vehicle registration for RENEWALS ONLY. The Renewal Form is REQUIRED as issued by the State in the current month or the two months prior to the renewal month. Payment by check or money order payable to Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles for the amount of the registration is required (the state will not accept cash.) There is an additional $3 processing fee payable to the Town of Hartford by separate check or cash.

Contact Us

Lisa O'Neil
Town Clerk

Town Clerk's Office
Hartford Municipal Building
171 Bridge Street
White River Junction, VT 05001
Phone: 802-295-2785

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