Water Division


The Water Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the source, treatment, storage, and distribution systems in Quechee, Harford, White River Junction and Wilder villages. 4 employees are dedicated to operating and maintaining the systems.

Hartford Water System

The Hartford Water System serves approximately 2,042 customers in the villages of Hartford, White River Junction, and Wilder. The source of supply for the well is a groundwater aquifer with an estimated potential yield of 3.0 MGD. Water is drawn from the aquifer from two gravel packed wells in Wilder with pumping capacities of 600 and 1,000 GPM.

The water is filtered to remove excessive manganese and disinfected with sodium hypochlorite as required. After treatment/disinfection water is pumped to the distribution system and two storage facilities consisting of a 1.0 million gallon concrete tank adjacent to the Hartford/Norwich town line, and a 1.5 million gallon concrete tank immediately north of the Hartford Public Safety building.
In the event of an emergency a connection is available between Hartford and Lebanon, NH. 

Quechee Water System

The Quechee Water System serves approximately 720 customers in the village of Quechee. The source of supply for the well is a groundwater aquifer with a State approved yield of 0.923 MGD. Water is drawn from the aquifer through a gravel packed well with a pump capable of 550 GPM.

The waters quality is classified as excellent and needs no additional treatment except that the water is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite as required. Water is pumped to the distribution system with four storage facilities consisting of a 100,000 gallon concrete tank, a 132,000 gallon concrete tank, a 400,000 gallon concrete tank, and a 54,000 gallon storage tank with a remote pumping system.

Division & Resident Responsibilities

The water division maintains the source and distribution systems and the residents are responsible for maintaining their private service lines beyond the curb stop valve, except for the meter which is maintained by the water division.  If any problems are being experienced, please call the Public Works office at 802-295-3622 during normal business hours or 802-295-9425 during nights and weekends.

New Construction/ Increased Flows

For new construction or increased flows which will require service from the water system, an agreement reserving allocation of flow capacity is required. These agreements are issued through Public Works after the resident has provided adequate information justifying the request. Information required for the request may include a design basis, site plan(s), profile(s), detail(s), and any other pertinent information prepared by the residents engineer or designer.

The resident is further responsible for obtaining any and all necessary permits related to the project including but not limited to Hartford Site Plan Approval, Hartford Conditional Use Approval, Zoning Permit, Public Building Permit, Hartford Excavation Permit, Vermont Wastewater Disposal & Potable Water Supply Permit, Vermont Water Supply Construction Permit, and a VTrans State Highway Access and Work.

Repairs or Reconstruction in Town Right of Way

For repairs or reconstruction of private services between the curb stop valve and the property that are within the Town’s Right of Way that do not require any State permits or an agreement reserving allocation of flow capacity it is the residents to contract with others for the repair or reconstruction and to obtain an Excavation Permit from the Public Works office. Further, the resident is responsible for contracting with any professionals and contractors necessary to gain the approval of Public Works regarding the proposed repair or reconstruction.

Water Quality Assurance

The Water Division provides water sample test results to the Vermont Water Supply Division as required to assure compliance with water quality standards. The water division provides a Consumer Confidence Report to all users of both the Hartford and Quechee systems which notes system specifics and results of all the water quality sampling conducted annually; additional copies of this report are available at the Public Works office.

Town of Hartford Water Ordinance & Specifications

All water projects in Hartford are required to comply with all Town of Hartford Ordinances, particularly Chapter 245 Water and its attachments. It is the residents engineer, designer and contractors responsibility to demonstrate that any project complies with the Ordinance and applicable State and Federal laws, rules, standards and specifications. Chapter 245 of the Town Ordinances, the Specifications and the application for allocation can be viewed at the below links. 
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