highThe Town of Hartford has a total of approximately 185 miles of highways, including 45 miles of state highway. Maintaining the remaining 140 miles is the responsibility of the Town of Hartford, which according to the recent statistics is the most of any community in the State of Vermont.

Division Responsibilities

At this time, there are a total of 11 employees in the division responsible for but not limited to:

  • General highway maintenance including but not limited to;
  • Highway and sidewalk snow removal and treatment
  • Grading of gravel road surfaces 
  • Drainage maintenance and repairs
  • Street sweeping
  • Paving projects 
  • Pavement markings 
  • Sidewalks
  • Street signage
  • Street lighting 
  • Highway right of way maintenance
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance
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Paving Schedules3 documents

Archived summer paving schedules3 documents

  • Summer 2015 Paving Schedule
  • Summer 2014 Paving Schedule
  • Summer 2012 Paving Schedule

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