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Assessor’s Office works on a hybrid model (in person office hours and work from home). The best way to reach us is by email. 

If you are in need of a lister card or tax map information, please visit Beacon Schneider website at - Hartford VT


The Town’s Assessor, Richard Vincent, began conducting annual inspections of specific properties  and will continue to do so through July 1, 2023.
Inspections are being conducted Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Properties with an active permit and/or recent sale will be checked for accurate measurements and to verify all pertinent data of each improvement.
If no one is home, exterior measurements will be taken. Appointments for an interior inspection can be arranged. If an adult property owner is home, the appraiser will request an interior inspection to confirm data. Interior inspections ensure accurate, fair, and equitable assessments for all properties.
The homeowner is encouraged to provide information that may not be apparent to the appraiser at the time of inspection such as: seasonal wetness, cracked foundations, leaking roofs, easements, etc.
Mr. Vincent will have his Town ID with him, and will be driving the Town’s white Nissan Leaf or his personal vehicle with the Town’s signs on the doors.
A typical inspection takes about 20 minutes; new construction will take longer depending on property type. 

Grievance applications can be filed throughout the year.
Filling for the 2023 Grievance cut off is  - up to two weeks after Abstract of Grand List is recorded with Town Clerk (estimated beginning of June 2023).

See Grievance application below: 
Grievance application

For Commercial and Industrial Properties we require additional information, read page 3  of application and see below VT PVR Forms.
PVR FORM VT-4004.Exp (Annual expenses for all property uses)
PVR FORM VT-4004-APT (Apartment use property - rental income statement)
PVR FORM VT-4004-CI (Commercial & Industrial property - lease  rental terms)

Important dates for 2022:

  • June 1st  - The Assessor filled the 2022 Abstract Grand List with the Town Clerk.
See PDF format here
2022 Abstract Grand List

See Spread sheet format here
2022 Abstract Grand List (2022_06_01)

  • June 17th  - Last day to file Grievance form (all request for grievance must be received at the town office by 4pm Friday, June 17th)
  • June 20th-23rd - Grievance Hearings
See Grievance Hearings Agenda 
2022 Grievance Hearing Agenda

See Grievance Hearings minutes
2022 Grievance Hearings minutes

  • June 27th - Result of Grievance were sent out
2022_06_27 Result of Grievance Report

  • end of June - Grand List became As Billed

Tax rate is applied per 100 Assess value


Our primary responsibility is to assess all real property in town in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes. In most instances, this will be fair market value. This includes annual maintenance such as updating changes resulting from building permits, structural changes or improvements to the property, as well as periodic revaluations.

In addition, the office provides

  • Assessment history information
  • Explanation of the assessment process
  • Property Record Cards
  • Tax maps, which are updated annually (As of April 1st)  to correspond with survey changes

Tax Map Discrepancies

Should there be a discrepancy between our acreage and what you believe you actually own, we will need a recorded survey prior to changing our records. We do want to stress that the tax maps are an approximation of property lines used for listing purposes only. They are not considered a legal document and cannot be used to determine actual boundaries. 

FY2022 Education Property Tax Rate is available on PVR (Property Valuation and Review) website as well as Prior Year Rates:

Assessment levels (published by PVR December 23, 2022)

  • Education Grand List (from 411):               $1,405,160,000
  • Equalized Education Grand List (EEGL):  $1,821,300,241
  • Common Level of Appraisal (CLA): 77.15% or 0.7715
  • Coefficient of Dispersion (COD):      20.28%
See below link to Equalization Study

Assessors Duties

The list of all properties in town and their assessments is referred to as the Grand List. The primary duty of the Office of the Assessor is to maintain this list as accurately and equitably as possible. The valuation [listing] year runs from April 1 to the following March 31. Thus, for any given year, the owner and condition of a property should be as of April 1.

If your property is destroyed or seriously damaged at any point during the course of the tax year, please let us know. You may request an abatement of your taxes for the remainder of the tax year. Details of this process are available through the Town Clerk's Office.

Statutory Requirements

Most activities and dates are mandated by state statute as follows:

  • April 1 - All taxable real property in town is assessed [listed] at fair market value, adjusted by the equalization ratio(CLA), as determined by the state.
  • April 15 - File the HS-122 Homestead Declaration form with your state income tax form, which entitles you to be taxed at the Homestead School Tax Rate, without a late penalty.  The IN 144 form along with your taxes for the Income Sensitivity Adjustment (state tax credit),for property taxes.  These forms can be completed online.
  • May 1 - Veterans who are residents and 50% or more disabled qualify for a $40,000 reduction on the assessed value of their property. This benefit extends to widows of qualified Veterans. May 1 is the deadline to provide the Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs(VOVA) with your application and VA qualification letter. More information: here 
  • May-June - The values for the tax year are finalized by the Listers and Assessor and the Abstract of the Grand List is lodged. At this time notices are mailed to all taxpayers who have had changes in their assessed values. Within 14 days, any taxpayer who wants to grieve (appeal) an assessment must contact the Lister's Office to set up an appointment. Grievances are not limited to only those taxpayers with assessment changes. Any taxpayer may grieve in any year. If you wish to be notified of the grievance time period, you may call our office and request notification.
  • May/June- Grievance appeals begin 14 days after change notices are mailed.
  • July - Tax bills are mailed to property owners as of April 1. The first installment is due in August, the second in February. Only one bill is mailed, with 2 stubs, 1 for each payment.
  • September 1 -  Deadline for submitting applications to the Land Use (Current Use) Program. More information here or here 
  • October 15 - Deadline for filing the HS122/IN144 forms with the state in order to be classified as a homestead property and to be considered for a Income Sensitivity Adjustment (state tax credit), for your property taxes.

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