WATER MAIN BREAK UPDATE  If your pressure has been restored and you are experiencing cloudiness due to misplaced minerals, run your faucet to flush your lines until water is clear.  Anyone with a boil water advisory will be notified door to door.  Affected 1294-1726 Hartford Ave, Horseshoe Ave, Manning Dr, Sherman Rd, Hollow Dr.

Board of Civil Authority

Board of Civil Authority Members

  • Susan Buckholz, Chair
  • Nancy Howe, Vice Chair
  • Roy Black
  • Kevin Christie
  • Pat Cook
  • Bonnie Fields
  • F.X. Flinn
  • Don Foster
  • Gabrielle Lucke
  • Mike Morris
  • Gayle Ottman
  • Barbara Reed
  • Nancy Russell
  • Linda Trombley
  • Rebecca White