Hartford Town Forest Timber Harvest Update Week of 2-6-2023

The harvester finished cutting last Monday. It was removed from the Hartford Town Forest on Wednesday to go to another job. All the trees that were to be cut in the treatment area are now cut. Steven, the forwarder operator, worked through the week to haul the logs out of the woods and to the landing. He should have most if not all of the logs hauled out of the woods by now. The cold weather this past week made operations move much smoother. Steven was able to fix many of the muddy areas on the skid trails. These fixes are temporary. In the spring, Long View will work to fix all the wet section of skid trails, smoothing rutty spots and installing drainages where appropriate. They will also fix the recreational trails that were impacted. This work can’t start until the woods dry out in the spring. Between now and then, there will be debris and some muddy spots on some sections of trails. This coming week, the forwarder will be removed from the Town Forest. The logs on the landing will be picked up and brought to the mills. Depending on the availability of the truck drivers, all the logs could be removed from the landings by the end of the week. The trucks will need to use the parking area to turn around. It will remain closed until all the logs have been picked up. We will send out an announcement when all the logs have been removed from the landings. At that time, the parking area and trails in the treatment area will be open for use. Check out this video for more information on what’s been going on at the Town Forest.

Other videos about the forest management operation at the Hartford Town Forest include:

The benefits of woody material

Forest management and water quality

Managing towards an old growth condition

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact Town Planner Matt Osborn 802-478-1118,  mosborn@hartford-vt.org

Hartford Town Forest Natural History Walk

Saturday, January 14th 10:00 a.m. – Noon
Join ecologist/author Ted Levin & the Hartford Conservation Commission
Explore the 423-acre Town Forest and learn about the ecology of overwintering birds and winter natural history
Meet at the Trailhead Parking Area at the end of Reservoir Road  
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Questions or further information: Contact Ted Levin at tedlevin1966@gmail.com

The following trails will be closed during logging operations and will reopen in the spring: 

  • Moose Brook Trail
  • Three Bridges Trail
  • Stick Trail
  • B Brown Trail
  • Snowshoe Trail
  • Log Run
  • Wayne’s World
  • K-4
  • Simonds Way Drop
  • Thomas Track
  • Warm Up Loop Start
  • Portions of Easy way up & Res. Cut Off.
Link to Map: 


For information on Forest Management in the Town Forest, click on this link to the Timber Harvest Poster:
Timber Harvest Poster

Link to Hartford Town Forest Timber Harvest Valley News article January 8, 2023:
Tree Trimming Tour - Valley News

Weekly updates will be provided and posted on the Town Website and Town Listserv. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Town Planner Matt Osborn at mosborn@hartford-vt.org or 802 478-1118.