Hartford Town Forest Pre-Timber Harvest Work

The natural resource class at the Hartford Area Career and Technical Center
(HACTC) will be assisting with preparatory work for this winter's Hartford
Town Forest timber harvest.  This will consist of building a small
temporary parking lot for use this winter when the existing lot is a log
landing, clearing a temporary bypass trail around the existing parking lot,
and log landing site preparation.

This will occur intermittently over the next several weeks.  The students'
work can occur between 8:45 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. While there
will still be parking and access to the Town Forest, for public safety
there will be some designated areas temporarily limiting access around the
kiosk and parking lot during this work.

The Hartford Conservation Commission appreciates the HACTC's collaboration
as it provides the students valuable technical experience, promotes student
civic involvement and will save Hartford money.

Please contact Matt Osborn at mosborn@hartford-vt.org (802) 478-1118 with
any questions or comments.

Hartford Conservation Commission