Citizen Feedback

Feedback/Complaint Form
Submit feedback or a complaint with our form.

Emergency Communications Center Purpose & Goals
Our goal is to work with our Public Safety Partners to provide quality services to all who live, work, and visit the Windsor County towns for which we dispatch, including:
  • 911 and medical dispatch services
  • Fire
  • Police
Through these services, we:
  • Answer 911, emergency and non-emergent calls in a prompt, efficient and professional manner and dispatch the appropriate responders.
  • Assist all citizens and guests in their time of need.
  • Help protect property
  • Help save lives.
Complaint Process
In order to provide the highest level of service possible to the citizens and communities we provide our dispatch services to, the Hartford Emergency Communications Center encourages all citizen to bring forward legitimate complaints regarding misconduct by any of its personnel. It is the policy of the Hartford Emergency Communications Center to investigate any and all complaints brought forth. The incident shall be investigated promptly, impartially, efficiently and thoroughly.

How to Submit Feedback or File a Complaint
Complaints against the Hartford Emergency Communications Center or its employees may be received at any time in a number of ways: In person
  • Email
  • Mail
  • Phone
Feedback Form
A citizen feedback form can be found online. If you wish to file a complaint and do not feel comfortable presenting the complaint in person, please feel free to call our non-emergency line at 802-295-9425 and request to speak to the Director of Communications, Scott Smith. You can also email him. As part of the investigation, the person making a complaint by mail, email or phone may be requested to meet in person at the earliest possible convenience with the Director of Communications so that they may be interviewed and if necessary, a signed, sworn, written statement or affidavit can be obtained. Anonymous complaints will be investigated to the fullest extent possible.

What Should Be Reported
Misconduct such as:
  • Harassment
  • Unprofessional conduct
After Feedback/complaints Are Received
These complaints are thoroughly investigated and a written report is prepared which includes statements from the complainant, the accused and all witnesses. The report will not reflect any personal opinion, but rather represent an unbiased picture of the circumstances as they actually occurred.

Courses of Action
The report is then submitted to the Director of Communications for evaluation. If the director has reason to believe there was misconduct on the part of the employee, the director shall make a determination as to what appropriate action shall be initiated.

If the complaint is sustained (proven true), the employee will receive the appropriate training or disciplinary action. These actions are:
  • Counseling
  • Demotion
  • Oral reprimand
  • Suspension
  • Termination
  • Written reprimand
In the event that your complaint is not supported by sufficient evidence, the complaint will be not sustained. If the complaint is proven false or not factual, the disposition will be unfounded. If the incident occurred, but the actions of the employee are deemed lawful and proper, then the disposition will be exonerated.